ARCH3D STUDIOS (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2014 and is based in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. We are dedicated to designing SUSTAINABLE, INNOVATIVE & CONTEXTUALLY appropriate architecture tailored to our CLIENT’S needs.


ARCH3D’s aim is to deliver excellence in design by collaborating with our client’s vison and budget.  We are aware of the significant financial outlay that our clients will incur when embarking on their dream home.

Our understanding of design trends, extensive knowledge of building technology and on-site experience has ensured great success on our residential projects.


ARCH3D works closely with each developer / client to obtain a clear understanding and vision of their requirements. With successful collaboration and knowledge of market trends we have ensured great success in all our developments.


ARCH3D believes in the power of great design to enhance the educational experience for the children and staff that utilize these buildings. We take great care in working closely with the teachers, children & educational specialists of these institutions, in order, to meet the needs and ethos of each school


ARCH3D delivers innovative design solutions aimed at maximizing the clients marketing value and brand. We take great care in designing spaces that can work functionally and efficiently but still maintaining a strong visual element to the design which aligns with the brand image of our clients. 

Our commercial work focuses on boutique commercial projects.

Sustainable | Innovative | Contextual